Start Me Up


The Challenge

You aren’t so fit anymore. And you have no idea where or how to get started to try and get back on track. That is a tough spot to be in and one that we’ve all experienced at some point.

The Solution

Start Me Up! is a self directed 21 day plan for exercising your mind, body, and soul. No thinking required! Just follow along with 1 workout each day, for your mind, body, and soul. Learn what to do for workouts whether they are 5 minutes or 30, and establish an awesome daily self care habit.


When our clients go through Start Me Up! they experience:

  • more energy
  • more self confidence
  • an increase in fitness and strength
  • a sense of achievement

What You Get

Order your copy of Start Me Up! 21 days, and challenge yourself. Go in with a positive attitude, and work on your overall well being. You are worth it!

Package Includes:

  • 63 workouts (1 for each day, 3 levels)
  • 21 suggestions for brain activities
  • 21 suggestions for soul work
  • 21 smoothie recipes
  • 21 salad recipes
  • 3 playlist suggestions

Price: $21 + tax

Take a step toward getting yourself back on track and start today.